Sunday, 4 November 2012

Running Shoes and Writing Blues

Photo from courtesy of luiginter

"Try it you'll like it."

"It makes me feel alive."

"I get such a rush."

These are phrases my running friends use when describing their first marathon.
They are broken.
Running is not natural,
unless it is from a threat,
like more running a bear.

I. don't. run.
But thousands of people do,
enduring the pain and agony,
to gain a sense of accomplishment.

you want to write a novel.
Perhaps you've committed yourself to the Nano beast.
I won't lie.
It hurts.

Writing a novel is some of the hardest writing you have ever done in your entire life.
(Editing is whole other kettle of fish which we will deal with later).

There will be low points,
when you feel like you are writing with your own blood.
And then there'll be those high points  where you feel like you are King of the World.
(At either point check out this gif version of the Publishing Process to get a good laugh).

But you'll know if it's your passion if you're able to say:

"I love it."

"It makes me feel alive."

"I'd do it again."

What is your passion? Is the writing siren calling you?
Check back for more posts about writing.