What will I be looking for?
- books for Young Adults (I will try pretty much anything)
- writing books (books on craft).
- books that make me think.
- although they don't have to be Christian they should have a good message (no gratuitous sex, swearing, profanity, or celebration of an unholy lifestyle by the protagonist)
- self published books and recommendations welcome! Just drop me a line karen (dot) deblieck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Review Key:

: You must drop what you are doing and purchase this book. Then you must consume every word neglecting the basic necessities of life! The words will sustain you!

: Really liked the book and will recommend it to my friends.

: A good read and definitely worth the time.

: Has some flaws in it but not horrible.

  : Meh, sort of wished I had those wasted minutes back.

How will I be reviewing it?

For all YA books I will be looking at them in three categories: Writer, Christian, and Mother. For all books on the Craft of Writing I will just give an overall impression. 

Know that these reviews are my own personal opinion. I strive to give an honest and fair evaluation of the books I read. At the end of the day though I am only one person of many. An assessment of the book is not meant as a personal attack on the author. I believe that as writer's (no matter if you are published or not) we must continue to grow and improve.

I will be posting my reviews on Goodreads. 

I hope you find my reviews helpful!