Monday, 1 April 2013

5 Posts that Enlightened me this week

I'm baaaaaack.
So sorry to have missed out on posting last week.
But I've got some lovely posts for writers,
so sit back and enjoy.

Oh, and I figured there were a ton of posts about the Goodreads and Amazon controversial marriage,
so I didn't choose any posts on that subject. :)

1) Gabriela Pereira, founder of DIY MFA, the do-it-yourself alternative to a Masters Degree in writing, shares how "Killing your Darlings" is actually an act of faith.

2) Jeff Goins shares his long journey to becoming a full time writer.

3) The hilarious Kristen Lamb shares what makes for a Successful Author Presence.
*BONUS*: Check out her hilarious post on Being Obsessive. It made me laugh and laugh. :D

4) On Rachelle Gardner's blog Erin MacPherson shares how Pintrest can help an author.

5) At The Creative Penn Joanna shares how to stand out from the crowd of other writers.

Enjoy. :)


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