Friday, 12 July 2013

Book Review: Dear Deb

Dear Deb by Margaret Terry

Back cover copy:
I want you to know that if my illness inspired you to write these stories, the cancer was worth it.—Deb

What stories could possibly make cancer worth it?
Stories that represent a miracle—a lifetime of miracles. Stories that changed the writer as she wrote them and stories that will touch the heart of the reader, one by one by one. Stories that are not just stories.
They started out as words of encouragement to a dying woman. They turned into a collection of sparkling and intimate moments, pulled from the past to finally be understood and shared with new meaning.
Story by story, letter by letter, Margaret Terry uncovered powerful pictures in her own life of the one truth that could help carry her friend Deb from this life to the next: God is at work.
Together, Deb and Margaret found renewed hope in all the ways God shows up right to the very end. Which is where they found the miracle they'd been praying for all along. In each other.

Dear Deb isn't your typical book about cancer. Instead of focusing on her ailment Deb focuses on the miracle that is sure to happen.

That miracle is this book. 

Margaret Terry successfully captures the essence of life in her book while looking at the ups and downs of her own journey. 
This book is about the tiny miracles along our paths. 
About finding grace in the everyday.
About truly seeing what our time on earth is,
and what is beyond.

Christian element:
Terry approaches the Christian faith from the perspective of a cautious non-believer. Someone who is searching for hope butHer view of the way Christians look at life is refreshing and not at all stuffy or traditional. Her words reminded me of when I had first tasted the joy of a life with Jesus. Who can close a book like that?

This book is a must read!  
The writing is like  enjoying a delicious meal--nourishing for the soul.

Terry's graciousness and unique way of seeing the world shines through on every page.

I highly recommend this book to those who are struggling through cancer or those who want to see the world through different eyes.
It will bless you.
And that, is the miracle.

I give this book:

 out of 5!

Order pizza and turn off your phone for the evening.
You are reading!

You can check out Margaret Terry on her website. Or join her on Facebook.
You can purchase the book in Canada or the States.

**A review copy was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
I was in no way compensated for this review.**


  1. High praise indeed, Karen (and I love your review key). I've been hearing great things about Dear Deb.

    1. Aw, thanks Janet! Dear Deb is a must read. Margaret really has a way with words and seeing the world in a different light. It's one of those books you savour. :)