Sunday, 26 June 2011

The LORD knows me...

Here's another story with my protag Milly. :)
It's based on Psalm 139.

                 Milly has no sisters.  So when she heard that Auntie Jess had a baby girl she was excited.  She made a card with red flowers, purple butterflies, and the words “Welcome baby Anna” in big letters across the top.  She hopped down the stairs, out to the van with her family, and even through the parking lot to the hospital.  Stopping only when her father said that inside the hospital might not be the place for bouncing up and down.  When she finally met Anna she was amazed.  She had ten perfect little fingers and ten perfect little toes.   She lay there sleeping her chest rising and falling; her pink rosebud lips twitching into a smile.  And when she finally opened her eyes they were as blue as the sky.  Milly was in love.
                Leaving the hospital she chattered nonstop about how much fun she and Anna were going to have. 
                “...and she’ll play with my barbies, and I’ll teach her ballet, and I can paint her nails...”  Milly continued as she looked out the window at the passing cars.
                “Could you stop talking?”  Eric, her older brother asked.  “I can’t even hear the radio.”
                “But aren’t you excited about Anna?”  Milly asked as they drove down their street.
                Eric rolled his eyes.  “Nah, she’s just a silly, stinky baby.  Why would I care?”
                Milly’s eyes grew wide with shock and then narrowed in anger.  “She’s not silly—you are!  And—and I wish you had never been born!”
                “Millicent, you apologize to your brother right this minute!”  Her mother said as they pulled into their driveway. 
                “Fine!”  Milly yelled.  “I’m sorry!”
As soon as the van stopped she jumped out, stomped up the stairs, slammed her bedroom door and threw herself on her bed.  It was only a few minutes before she heard a knock at her door.
                “Come in,” Milly said.
                “Milly, we need to talk.”  Her mother shut the door behind her.
                “I don’t wanna talk.”  Milly stuffed her face into her pillow.
                “Listen, what your brother said was wrong.  The Bible is very clear that we are all wonderful in God’s eyes—precious because He created each and every one of us.  Eric felt sorry for what he said and apologized.”
                I already apologized to Eric.”
                “Yes, but I don’t think you meant it.  You know in that same part of the Bible, Psalm 139, God also speaks about God knowing everything about us—even our inmost thoughts.  God knows whether you have truly forgiven Eric and whether or not your apology is sincere.”
                Molly sat up her eyes big with fear.  “That sounds scary...God knowing everything about me.”
                “I think it can be...when we are running from Him.  But for those who believe in Him it is a comfort.  There is nowhere you can go or nothing you can do that God doesn’t know.  He is, and always was present.  Even when Anna was inside Aunt Jess God put her together and knew everything about her.  He even knows what is in the future for both her and you.”
                Milly thought about this, her legs swinging over the side of the bed.  Finally she asked softly, “Mom, if God knows everything, do you think He knows that I felt bad even as those mean words about Eric came out of my mouth?”
                “I’m sure He did.”


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