Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Writing Prompt #5: Write about a letter

So here I am.
Ready to start another writing prompt.
Actually,...excited to dig into some writing. :)
Today the prompt is:
Write about a letter.
You get ten minutes,
no takesy backseys,
just writing. :)


It was February.  That dreadful month which seemed to last forever.  Outside the classroom window snow clung to everything in a beautiful tableau.  But I didn't care.  Neither did my students.  I sighed before writing another name on the chalkboard.  The white loops of Andrew's name stood out stark against the green.
"And if I catch another note again," I said looking over my eyeglasses.  "I will not only read it out loud to the entire class but I will hang it on the art wall so that all the visitors can see it."
There was a collective gasp and a few of the more studious children blanched at the thought.  Shy little Suzy tugged on one of her pigtails.
Next it was math and I began explaining (for what seemed like the hundredth time) how to properly show your work when doing long division.  That's when I saw it.  So white it practically glowed as it was passed in the second row of desks to shy little Suzy.  I should have known.  My anger burned in my stomach.  My hand gripped the chalk tightly.  I watched out of the corner of my eye as Suzy, little Miss Attentive, carefully unfolded the piece of paper.  Like a tiger I pounced.
"What do you have there?"  My voice cracked as I walked towards her desk.
Her face was red as she tried to hide the incriminating note between her knees.  I didn't trust my voice, merely held my hand under her nose.  Her eyes were as big as quarters as she handed the note to me.  I almost believed that she was close to tears.  Then I looked down at my plundered treasure complete with a picture: a pig with pigtails.  I gasped as I whispered the words out loud:

"Suzy is a snot nosed pig and I can't wait to see her portrait hanging on the wall."

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