Saturday, 6 August 2011 from my vacation.

This July my husband and I took a trip to Holland,
with a little sojourn to England.
It was the first time we had gone away for so long (ten days),
without the kids since my oldest was born 9 years ago.
It was wonderful!!
The best vacation we have ever had--
truly a once in a lifetime experience.
So I thought I would post some pics. :)
Here is my dear husband looking confused at the amount of bikes in Amsterdam.  Something you have to see in real life to believe.  I actually saw a bike with a pram attached to the

Leaning church in Leewarden called the Oldehove.  Apparantly, it started leaning one direction while they were building it so they tried to compensate by building on the other side--it didn't work.  It leans more then the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is really brutal on the calf muscles when you walk up its spiral stone stairs.

We took the opportunity to visit a graveyard dedicated to soldiers who died during the Second World War.  Many of the graves had unknown soldiers in them.  This was one of the smaller grave sites.

Having a traditional dutch meal with our good friends.  Seriously, the dutch have it right--bacon makes anything taste better. :)  Delicious!

Traditional English breakfast at a pub. While we were eating at 10 am in the morning a construction crew came in on their break to have a pint...very different from Canada!!

The Tower of London...such a historically rich place!!  My husband knew someone who's brother works as a Beefeater (guard) here so we were allowed in for free and we got bumped to the front of the line to see the crown jewels. :)

My husband braving the cool looking London telephone booth--which he claimed smelled of urine.  I didn't take a

My husband and I fighting over a Guinness--the beer that eats like a meal. :)

Standing in front of the pub where the Inklings met--a group of writer's which included C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  One of my lifetime dreams. :)

An awesome sign which was in the pub...made me want to crack open The Lord of the Rings books again. :)

Definately a trip we'd do again.  Aren't we a happy couple?

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  1. Nice pictures! It really looks like you had a wonderful time! Now, just don't wait another 9 years to take another vacation!