Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Of cows and moons - ROW80 check-in

So you've heard the story about the cow jumping over the moon?
How about the story of the cow who only made it half way...
Not surprising really.
Who wants to hear of someone who didn't quite make the mark.

unfortunately, I did not make my goal of editing five chapters this week.
I was only able to get two done.
Although, I should be a little less hard on myself,
as last week I was still suffering from jet lag.

I'm hoping that this week will go a little better,
although I am camping next week.
I will not be able to check-in next Wednesday,
but I hope to do some editing while lounging on the beach.

I am going to lower my goals to editing three chapters this week.

Hey, from one cow to another,
you've gotta reach for the moon in order to even have a chance at some stars. :)

If you are interested in joining me check out the challenge here.


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