Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Writing Prompt # 9: Nothing has changed & ROW80 check in

ROW80 check in first this time:
so far the week is going fairly well.
I've done my comma cheat sheet,
and I've read one chapter from the book I wanted to get done.
I've also edited another chapter.

Although the goals are going well,
my WIP is giving me some troubles.
I'm still not happy with the first chapter--
none of the characters will behave.
But still I keep writing...

Anyway, today's writing prompt is "Nothing has changed".
Just writing for ten minutes,
and no editing.
Let's see what I can do.


Looking out the picture window I can see so much has changed.
The rush of traffic that goes past our little home.
Children of yesterday who are pushing prams with their own rosy bundles.
Highschoolers shuffling to mp3 players.
Weeds where my prize roses used to be.
A dilapidated doorstep that no longer sees my own children,
dirty from making mud pies,
looking for mid afternoon snack.

 I look down at my hands,
wrinkled and crooked.
Blue veins like a road map run across them.
Hands that changed babies bottoms.
Taught the neighbourhood children 'Ode to Joy' on the piano.
Hands that look so foreign to me.

Everything has changed...
I sigh my body deflating like a balloon.

"What are you thinking my love?"
You sit down next to me, your weight causing me to fall towards you on the couch.
Your broad shoulders are stooped with age
and your hair, so white now.
"Hmmm?" you ask again putting your arm around me.
I look up into your hazel eyes
and remember the rainy pier.
You down on one knee in your only pair of good pants.

I smile and a small giggle escapes my lips.  "Oh, I was just thinking how nothing has changed."
Leaning into you smelling your earthy scent.
I sigh contentedly.
Yes, nothing has changed.


  1. Well done on your progress this week. Your characters not behaving made me smile. It is my story that is not behaving, it is not coming out exactly as I expected but hopefully it will come.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Those characters really have a mind of their own don't they. Good luck with it. Maybe the direction they take in will work for you. Love the 'nothing has changed' mini story.