Wednesday, 14 September 2011

ROW80 check in and Writing prompt #11:Write about someone who sinned.

I. am. so. busy.
No, not your average busy,
but a rare out of control busy.

I've started a new school year with my kids.
Started teaching voice lessons again.
Taking a course at university.
My oldest ds needs allergy shots once a week.

The list of appointments/engagements/stress inducers keeps mounting.

Anyway, despite all that I have been working on my novel.
I'm still editing and hope to get two chapters done this week.
Made a pact with myself that I will not go back to the first chapter until I've gotten all the way through the book.
Also want to make a point of visiting some of my ROW80 buddies this week...
I've been very lax.

on to the writing prompt which is "Write about someone who sinned."
The rules are the same:
set the timer for ten minutes,
and write without editing.


It was such a small thing. Or so Greta had thought. She had not even nodded her hat covered head. It had been a mere shying away from the topic, her eyes glancing towards the ground. Indeed, not an indecent (or untruthful) word had escaped her red lipsticked lips. But her small gesture had grown into something much bigger. It was not long before more eyes were on the "scandulous" Beulah then on the pastor on Sunday morning. Indeed, Greta wondered if anyone had heard the message about a persons words causing a fire.
It truly was not her fault that Susie-Lou had told the whole choir. Or that the minister's wife had been standing close enough to see Greta's reaction to the question. She had merely been enjoying the attention that comes from having something juicy to relay over coffee after the service.
Now the persistent banging at the front door caused her stomach to roll over. She peered from behind her heavy curtains--carefully so that she wasn't seen by the imposing figure that stood on her front step. Beulah.
"You better come on out before I break your door down," Bealah's booming voice seemed to fill the entire house.
There really was no way to avoid this. Greta walked over to the door and gripped the handle tightly. Turning the brass knob slowly she whispered a brief prayer for forgiveness. Even if she had done nothing wrong.

Your Turn: What can you produce in ten minutes with no editing with the word prompt: Write about someone who sinned. I would love to read your work! Either post it in a comment (if it is short) or post the link to your blog. :)


  1. hello there, Just thought I would say "Hi" I am in your fantasy group, I'm only just working my way around everybody slowly but surely.
    Eve :)

  2. Ooo, I love timed writing! It really gets the juices flowing! Where do you get your prompts from?

    I'm epic-guilty when it comes to going to back to Chapter 1. I'm on round three or four of doing this and I need to STOP THE MADNESS. *glares at Infernal Editor*

    Good luck this week!

  3. I have a hard time with staying away from the beginning, too. Nice bit there from your prompt. I can't think of anything right now to write about, but maybe I'll try it later. Have a great week. :)

  4. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. I love reading your blog so wanted to share it with others.

  5. So glad I happened upon your blog through ROW80. Keep pushing through! You can do it!


  6. Oh, wait, I see you're a homeschooling parent, too! I knew there was something I liked about you! LOL! (Actually I liked your prompt topic, too!)


  7. Hi
    Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. Very kind of you. Always nice to meet a fellow writer. Keep up the good work. Your blog is awesome :-)
    Eve xx

  8. Thought I'd come by and say hello. I'm actually in group 13, but saw your post in Rachael's Beta/Critique blog. Love meeting new Fic/Fantasy. ; )

  9. What an amazing story. I liked how you weaved "sin" into so many of the character's lives. Sin is such a universal topic.

  10. Sin in church. Scandalous, not to mention frightening appropriate.