Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Believer is Tested and Blessed

Here is a children's message featuring my young protagonist Milly.
I presented it today at church. :)
The story talks about the passage in Genesis 22: 1-18


“So how did it go today?” Milly’s mom asked as they sat around the dinner table.

Milly shrugged her shoulders, “I think I did OK on the spelling test.  There were only a few words that I didn’t know.”

“I’m sure you did fine.”  Her mother dished out some corn onto her plate, “You did take some time to study.”

“I hope so,” Milly said.

After dinner, Dad told the story of Abraham and Isaac on the mountain in the book of Genesis.
“God tested Adam’s faith.” her father started the story.

“Adam had to have a test?” Milly asked her eyes going round with the thought of Abraham getting stumped on some of her spelling words.

“No, not that kind of test,” her father said chuckling.  “No this was a test to see if Adam would obey God in all things.”

“I know how to spell that O-B-E-Y,” Milly said.

“Very good, now let your father finish the story,” her mother said.  Milly sat back in her chair trying hard not to fidget.

“God told Abraham to take Isaac, the only son that God had given to him and Sarah, to the land of Moriah.  There he was to kill Isaac and offer him as a whole burnt offering.”

“God asked him to kill his only son?” Milly couldn’t help but shout out.  Her older brother rolled his eyes and looked at his watch.

“Yes Milly, to test whether or not Abraham would be obedient.” Her father answered.

“Did he do it?” Milly whispered.

“Yes, he did obey God.  He took Isaac to the mountain with some wood and when his son asked where the offering was Abraham told him that God would provide an offering.  They built an alter and laid the wood on it.  Then Abraham took his knife and was about to kill his son...”

Milly covered her eyes gasping in horror.

“Don’t worry,” her father said quickly, “ just as he was going to kill his son the angel from God told him to stop.  He had proven that he would give anything...even his only son for God.”

“But what about the offering?” Milly asked.

“Ah, God did provide one.  A male sheep had gotten its horns caught in a bush so Abraham went and got it and offered it as a whole burnt offering.”

“That must have been a very hard day for Abraham,” Milly said.

“Yes,” her father agreed.  “and for Isaac as well.  But do you know what?  God blessed them promising them descendents and land.  Through them all nations would be blessed.”

Milly thought so hard that lines appeared in her forehead, “But then Dad, why is this story in the Bible?”

“Good question,” her father’s face broke into a grin, “well, first we can look back on this story and see how God’s promise to Abraham did come true. Which means what Milly?”

“Ummmm, that God keeps His promises?”

“Exactly right!  Second we can see that when Abraham obeyed he was blessed.  Showing us that when we obey God then we are blessed as well.  And finally, this story is a picture of another Father who gave His only Son for our sins...”

“Oh, oh, I know it’s Jesus!” Milly said jumping up and down in excitement in her chair.

“Yes,” her mom said with a smile, “and because of him there is no need for anymore sacrifices.”

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