Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yay!! It's finally here!!

What you may ask?

Well, I was thinking that it would be nice to have a regular writing segment I did once a week on my blog.
At my last writer's group meeting we talked about writing prompts:
the leader for that meeting than gave us ten minutes to write on a specific topic.
The topic was "My best day ever..."
(I will post this for you to see).

After going home I thought about how much I missed that type of free writing,
so I decided to dedicate Wednesday to the practice...
calling them "Writing Prompt Wednesday's"
(super exciting original catchy

I will be using  prompts from a book,
("Prompts & Practices" by Judy Reeves),
but you could always check out sites like this:
or this:
You could also use photographs or famous paintings as well.

Once you've chosen a prompt,
start writing for ten minutes.
There are no wrong answers,
just write whatever comes to mind when you look at the prompt.
Straight from your brain to the page,
(no editing!).

The benefits?
This will keep your creative juices flowing when you are working on longer projects (like a novel).
Also, you will be surprised what ideas spring out of your subconscious as you write away,
your next idea is waiting on the side lines!

So if you are interested pop in here on Wednesday's to get a writing prompt from me,
or find another source to do some free writing of your own.
Either way, I would love to hear how you did.
Above all, keep writing. :)


  1. Love it! The first one had me on pins and needles even though i knew the outcome :)

    Hope Chapter 1 of the story turned out okay in the end? Let me know what was helpful/not helpful for the next chapter (looking forward to it!). Did you get it submitted?


  2. That is great Karen! I am nervous I would sit there and do nothing for ten minutes :(