Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jack of All Trades

My guidance counsellor sat in front of me,
his arms crossed and his eyes attempting to bore into my brain.
I couldn't help but notice that his navy blue argyle socks matched his tie today.

"You have to make a decision eventually, Karen."

I sighed and nodded my head -- I did know.  But that didn't make my decision any easier.
Every time I opened one of the glossy pages another school, another vocation called to me.

A teacher...
A singer...
A writer...
An artist...

I was a jack of all (or lots of) trades and I loved learning new things.

This, unfortunately (or fortunately) has shaped me as a writer.  My dear writing comrade Danielle Raver wrote recently that she had always felt drawn to writing Fantasy (read that post here).  For me my current WIP (work in progress) drew me in and I gave no notice that it happened to be fantasy.  I love writing in all styles.

But when I'm typing away I can still hear my guidance counselor's voice in my ear.

"You have to make a decision eventually, Karen."

But I have.  After being a teacher and also a singer I have decided that my calling is to be a writer.

After all as the saying goes, a Jack of all trades but a Master of none.  And I am determined to become a Master -- one word at a time.


  1. You are a teacher too? Wow we are birds of a feather. I feel the same way sometimes about "jack of all trades". Maybe I'll be a queen of one someday ;-) And that makes a good writer anyway, I think, when you have that worldly experience.


  2. Haha you sound like me (right down to the Karen part!) Ex-actor, teacher and currently a theatrical prop maker who has just sent out her first finished novel (probably to be rejected but hey ho!:)
    I like to think of myself as a rennaissance woman, sounds better'n 'jack of all trades' ;) Good luck with your scribblin!

  3. Multi-talented, that's what I would call it! You are a hard-working, talented woman and with that combination, you're bound to succeed at anything you try :)

    Oh, and Happy Birthday :)


  4. @ Danielle: I tell's kind of Although, I think you teach at the other end of the spectrum than me.
    @ littleonionz: wow, a theatrical prop maker sounds exciting!! LOL It's nice to hear that it's not just me (and Karen is a lovely name...) :P I hope everything goes well with your novel...don't give up!
    @ Ken & Jennifer: awwww thanks!!

  5. This is awesome! You are awesome! You sound like a writer to me:)

  6. Ok, But what you are best at is being a loving Wife and mother and I cherish you more and more each day for that.


    Chpter 6 plox

  7. @ maryannbenjamins: Thanks for the encouragement! I couldn't have done it without your push!
    @ John: Thanks love. I will get chapter 6 to you. :)