Monday, 14 January 2013

Blog love.

Well, it is Monday yet again,
and this time Blogger will let me post pictures ONLY if I use
So here are some interesting posts that I found last week.
Enjoy. :)

1. Sarah Mae shares on Jeff Goins blog about being called to write in spite of life.

2. Allison Morris visits Holly Cagney's blog. She talks about why ebooks and print books can coexist. Lovely visuals with this post.

3. Authoress is offering up her editing services at a very reasonable rate. Check out her other posts as well as she has a lot of contests. :)'s+First+Victim)

4. Awesome guest post by David King (author of the book every writer should have, Self Editing for Fiction Writers) and talks about hoarding too much info in our manuscripts.


  1. Thanks, Karen. I like your synopsis on blogs you've read that are worth a look. I'm checking out #4.

    BTW- I don't know if it's all browsers or just mine, but it's kinda hard to see the links because they're in a light yellow.

    1. Thanks for the visit Lisa. :) I also changed the colors of the links on the blog. I hope it is better. :)