Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Writing Prompt Wednesday #12

It's a cold one out there.
I'm looking forward to the weekend,
especially since they said it will warm up a bit.
Hence my glee at the arrival of hump day.

I'm also glad because it is WRITING PROMPT WEDNESDAY!!
(sorry for yelling there...I thought you might be falling asleep...heh, heh)

The rules are simple:
1) Set the timer for 15 minutes.
2) Write about the picture or the topic (or something that jumps into your head)
3) Do NOT edit. Let the words flow. Tell your critic to go get a chicken salad sandwich or something.

Here is this weeks topic:

Write a love letter. To anyone.
I would love to read your Writing Prompt results! Please post your passage in the comment box or leave a link to your blog post. :)


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