Saturday, 19 January 2013

My Writing Prompt response: Write about a bed.

Sorry I am a day late,
but I couldn't get on to blogger for some reason last night.
Here is my response to the writing prompt:
Write about a bed.

15 minutes writing,
no editing.
Ready, set, GO! :)


Claire loved the darkness - the comfortable feeling of it was like a second skin at night.  Like a mother, it surrounded her like a blanket, covering her differences.  Every night in her dark cocoon she would hear the familiar tsing tsing of the train coursing on the track singing her a lullaby.  The giant wheels rumbling and causing her room to tremble down to its very roots.  Often times it felt to her as if the train tracks had been there forever – much longer then the red brick building where she laid her head.  The rumbling would start in the very foundation and make its way up the stairs into her room – rumbling and grumbling like the sound of a sleeping giant snoring.  These were the sounds that kept her company when she lay in her hard bed at night.  Sometimes it seemed to her as if the giant metal beast was the only thing keeping her knit together.  Almost like if she was unable to return to the cover of darkness and the familiar noise – the seams of her home would come apart and pieces of herself would be lost in the breeze.


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