Monday, 25 February 2013

My Top 5 Blog Posts for this Week

This morning felt like a coffee morning,
I don't drink it very often but I needed it.
Hence the aromatic photo...

Anyway, I'm spreading some blog love.
These posts are writing tips that are particularly relevant to me. :)
I hope they inspire you as much as they did me.

1) Melissa shares with us why poetry writing can improve our manuscripts (I wholeheartedly agree!) at The Write Practice.

2) At The Creative Penn, Joanna gives us 3 reasons why a writer should have a blog (and 3 reasons not to...)

3) 10 query questions are answered by Chuck at The Writer Unboxed (If you want to see more questions answered he did a previous post in September 2012). Some great info here!

4) Jordyn at the Water Cooler gives some advice on how to write trilogies.

5) On Anne's blog they take a look how to craft a fine opening for your novel (something I've been working on for what feels like a lifetime).

Enjoy. :)


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