Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Writing Prompt Wednesday #15

This is a week of gushy, soppy sentiment...
and chocolate,
and lavish gifts,
and back rubs. :)

But before you indulge in the love of your significant other,
(or food, dog, cat, or movie star fantasy),
please do your writing prompt!

The rules:

1) Set the timer for 15 minutes.
2) Write about the picture or the topic (or something that jumps into your head)
3) Do NOT edit. Let the words flow. You may need some wine to turn off your editor.

Here is this weeks topic:

Write about a kiss.
I would love to read your Writing Prompt results! Please post your passage in the comment box or leave a link to your blog post. :)
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  1. I like your writing prompts. Every week I want to do it and I never have time. Maybe next week...

    1. LOL Lisa, I would love for you to participate. Thanks for dropping by to check it out at the very least. :)