Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Writing Prompt Wednesday #16

I must apologize for my absence on Monday,
it was Family Day for us Canadians,
so I took the day off. :)
I will be back next Monday with my top five favorite blog posts.

But for now,
I have an offering of another Writer's Prompt.

The rules?

1) Set the timer for 15 minutes.
2) Write about the picture or the topic (or something that jumps into your head)
3) Do NOT edit. Let the words flow. Bind and gag your inner editor. :)

This week's prompt:

You hear church bells in the distance.
Now, let loose your muse!
I would love to read your Writing Prompt results! Please post your passage in the comment box or leave a link to your blog post. :)


  1. Hey Karen,
    I tried out your prompt and the piece was too long to post here. No surprise there, eh?
    Anyway, check it out on my blog. It's called Church Bells.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to do my writing prompt! We miss you in very chilly Canada. :)