Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Conspiracy Theory

This week has been crazy,
as I attempt to juggle a bunch of things.

Beyond that I was hoping to have my whole book edited by the end of January,
I'm averaging at about 5 chapters a week,
which is wonderful,
but not enough.

I'm about half way through my manuscript,
and I wanted to enter a contest at the end of March,
(giving myself a month away from my WIP to let it simmer in its own juices),
so I do have some buffer.
Drinking my Jolt Cola

Here is a ROW80 run down of my week so far.

1. Doing well in this regard. Not surfing the net nearly as often. :)
2. Yup, recording my writing hours pretty much faithfully.
3. Yup, 500 words at least a day.

1. Signing in for ROW80 for the first time.
2. No blogs visited yet this week...but the week is still young. :)
3. Hope to get my extra blog post in at the end of this week.

Hope to get out visiting more this week. It's been crazy with all my appliances in my house conspiring to break down at the same time. :(
...I can hear them whispering...

I hope to get out and visit other blogs and see how you're making out in your ROW80 goals. Is anything in your life conspiring against you (an oven or a fridge perhaps)? Let me might make me feel