Sunday, 8 January 2012

ROW80 Check in...disappointingly wonderful

Hey, so I'm checking in for ROW80 this week.
I didn't get done what I wanted BUT I did manage to squeeze in a lot of editing time which is good.

Here are my goals and what I accomplished:
1. Dedicate 3 consecutive hours to writing/editing each day (NO Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog hopping JUST writing...phew, I'm sweating just typing it out here).
Managed to dedicate the time but I admit to some straying to blogs etc. Perhaps I need to put in a reward system?
2. Keep records of my writing sessions
Didn't get to this BUT I'm planning on doing it today right after I do this blog post.
3. When I don't feel like doing any writing I will do at least 500 words.
YES!! I was able to edit/rewrite 6 chapters. Wonderful. :)

 1. Sign in for ROW80 twice a week.
Technically yes. I didn't sign in on Wednesday as I posted my goals on Tuesday. :)
2. Visit at least ten ROW80 blogs each week.
Epic Fail! Too busy writing. :D But I really want to get to know my fellow ROW80ers. I'll have to recommit this week!
3. Do at least one original blog post (other then the sign in) once a week.
Ummm...again I did not do this. But I have a book review in the works that I will be posting this week.

OK, So I'm recommitting myself to these goals this week and hoping that I can pull it off. As a homeschooling mom, writer, voice teacher, etc. etc. I found this post for busy moms.  Especially check out some of the links below from other busy authors.

So how are my other ROW80ers doing in the New Year? Or do you have some resolutions that you are trying to stick to during this brand spankin' new year? Drop me a line and let me know how you're doing!


  1. I have a reward system in place and it really helps me. I get to buy a book for every 50k I write (and I include blogging in that lol) and then a book for every month where I write at least 750 words each day. It helps a lot! It's also good motivation to keep track of what I'm doing. I use a spread sheet for that...

  2. @Live, Love, Laugh, Write!
    I LOVE your idea of a reward-who couldn't use more books!?! Thanks for this awesome idea! It will help me out when I don't feel like getting it done. Thank you, thank you! I feel revitalized. :)

  3. I liked how you stated the distractions that you will avoid. There are more and more of them online all the time, it seems! Congrats on what you accomplished.

  4. @Marcy
    Yes the distractions are numerous!! lol Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Your goal " Dedicate 3 consecutive hours to writing/editing each day (NO Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog hopping JUST writing" - made me gulp! Surfing is hard for me to resist - I'm thinking I should make a goal for myself.

    It sounds like to me you're off to a good start - making good, legitimate progress towards your goals. Good luck this coming week!

  6. My dear, Might I suggest that we have limited space for the countless books you will no doubt reward yourself with for completing your goals on time. I propose that instead of a book reward system, you give yourself a Money reward system towards a new E-reader of some sort. Then you can enjoy the ereader and we will have room on our walls for pictures and a nice new 50" LCD tv for me :-) instead of book shelves.

  7. It really is a challenge to juggle the writing and the social media, isn't it? I often do best when I write with someone else - like wordsprints, wordmongering, etc. I have a bit of accountability for getting my writing in.

    I love the idea of 500 words no matter what. Sometimes, you can get your engine revved that way.

    Best wishes for ROW80 success! Looks like you've got a good focus.

  8. @Judith
    It is a hard thing to resist! It's an ongoing Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  9. @John

    Ooooo that sounds absolutely delicious love. That sounds like a deal in the making.:)I'll have to draft up some terms for my goals and let you know. :)


    I do know that I write better when I'm immersed in a musical world. Accountability sounds like a good idea as well. I'll have to wrangle up some wordsprint partners on twitter. :) Thank you for your best wishes!

  11. Isn't it great when we haven't met our goals exactly, but still know we've taken huge strides to advance our writing overall? Congrats on your progress!

    1. It is a wonderful feeling!! Almost as delicious as finding the exact right wording for a sentence you have been struggling with. Thanks for the encouragement!