Friday, 28 October 2011

No no to Nano...

I know...
pretty catchy title. ;)

I have finally decided that I will not being doing Nanowrimo.
I am currently editing my wip (working title Rosalyn),
and I will be spending November finishing it up.
I want to complete a full edit by the end of November.

So instead of Nanowrimo,
I am doing Nanoedmo. :)
I would love some company,
drop me a line if you want to join me in my large goal for November.

If you are not doing Nano this November then what are you doing? Do you have other goals you are trying to accomplish? Feel free to share. Would you like to join me with your editing goals? Or have an accountability partner? Drop me a line. :)


  1. Also not doing NaNo :)

    What I am doing is continuing with my ROW80 goals and drafting my fantasy piece, beta reading a novel, and after the tarot class I'm wrapping up today/tomorrow maybe brainstorming on a failed NaNo story.

    Good luck with your edits!

  2. Haha - I agree. I'm not going to tackle NaNo, but I'm planning my own mini version of NaNoEdMo and NaNoOutlineMo. :)

  3. Hello from Florida! I was going through my follower list and wondered why your face doesn't show up as your face instead of a faceless head. Does my blog show up in your reading list? You're one of about 20 like that, so I wonder if something went wrong with following.

    My goals this month are:

    1.continue agent research and submit at least 10 queries

    2. teach a good social media lesson Thursday for Emerald Coast Writers

    3. work on missing parts of book 2

    4. meet twice with a local critique group I'm starting.

    5. catch up on my emails. No, get the unread ones down to 50.

    6. talk you into moving down here and joining our choir. It's pitiful. *plugging ears*

    7. eat less, walk more, sleep lots more. Laugh.